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Results: 372

Emergency Lite Service Center's (ELSC)
   Rechargeable Nickel Cadmium batteries are engineered to meet the specifications of your emergency lights and exit signs. The models shown here are capable of replacing the original batteries Installed by the manufacturer of your exit signs and emergency lights. Each battery is warrantied for 1 year. Studies show that Nickel Cadmium batteries are generally useful for up to 500 cycles of complete discharge and charge. Under normal conditions the operating life of the battery is 5 to 7 years. Due to the importance of battery performance, ELSC suggest replacing the batteries every 3 years. ELSC also recommends that businesses observe OSHA's monthly and yearly exit and emergency lighting testing requirements. By implementing a regular testing schedule you will help ensure that your equipment is functioning properly should an emergency occur. We try to insure the proper connector sold with each Battery pack however in the case that the battery you order does not have a connector or the improper connector. Please retain your original battery connector to ensure the proper attachment of the replacement batteries.
*please remember to always observe polarity when installing batteries.