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Concealite Emergency Lighting
Emergency fixtures, emergency lighting, fire alarms, wet location lighting, decorative lighting, concealed emergency lights, concealed fire alarms & concealed devices.
 For over two decades, Concealite has developed award-winning concealed emergency fixtures that can be custom finished to blend in with interior designs. Concealite continues to design code required fixtures that preserve commercial, retail, and large scale residential design, while meeting necessary life safety codes.
Design Innovation to Seamlessly Integrate Life Safety Fixtures
FA Series 5000 Series Installation Locations Custom Finishes Available – Paint, Wallpaper, Fabric, Metals. Custom Finishes Available – Paint, Wallpaper, Fabric, Metals.
Concealite's award-winning life safety fixtures have been installed in such notable places as The Boston Museum of Art, Trump Tower in New York, The White House Visitor Center, Tiffany's, The Cheescake Factory (pictured), BMW Dealerships, Chanel, The Santa Clara Central Park Library, and the Vail Plaza Hotel & Club. Our fixtures are also installed at the University of Washington-Mary Gates Hall, Miami International Airport, Universal Studios, Disneyland, and in many other commercial buildings, restaurants, universities, hospitals, and fine institutions across the country. Concealed Emergency Lighting Concealed Fire Alarm Devices NEMA 4X Highest Light Output Heads in the Industry!
NFPA72 LAETL CCEA 10x Illumination Custom Colors Available. Up to 200 Watt Output. SuperNOVA Interior Areas Requiring Expansive Illumination. v.012910 - CBI