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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Emergency Lighting – A Battery for Everthing!

Battery:  a device that converts stored chemical energy into usable electrical energy.  When it comes to batteries, one size does not fit all.  Batteries come in so many shapes, sizes and kinds.  There are primary cell batteries and rechargeable batteries.  There are wet cells and dry cells.  There are primary batteries and secondary batteries.  This can seem confusing.  What you need to know is what battery you and looking for and that Emergency Lighting is the place you will find it!  If you don’t know what battery you need, contacts us! – we’re ready to help you.

Power-sonic Batteries
Alkaline Batteries
Atlite Batteries
Big Beam Batteries
C & D Batteries
Concealite Batteries
Dual-lite Batteries
Emergency Light Batteries
Eagle Picher Batteries
Emergi-lite Batteries
ExcideChloride Batteries
Kaufel Batteries
LightGuard Batteries
Lithonia Batteries
Long Life Lead
National Power Batteries
Nicad Batteries
Nickel Metal Hydride
Panasonic Batteries
Phone Batteries
Prescolite Batteries
Portalac Batteries
Power Batteries
Sentry Batteries
Siltron Batteries
Sure-Lites Batteries
Toy Batteries
Yuntong Batteries
Yuasa Batteries
640 Batteries
6100 Batteries
Exit Sign Batteries
Power-Sonic Batteries