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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Edge-Lit Exit Signs

Exit signs are designed to be understandable and easily found by anyone.  They denote the closest emergency exit.  It’s estimated by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency that more than 100 million exit signs are in use today within the United States alone.

There are many types of exit signs.  If you are looking for minimum disruption of your building décor, we’d suggest an EdgeLit Exit Sign. EdgeLit Exit Signs offer quality, as well as attention to detail, often with rounded corners and soft finishes.

We offer the following EdgeLit Exit Signs , just to name a few!

Let us know if we can help you decide which Exit Sign is right for you!

LED Exit Signs

Exit signs can consume a lot of energy especially if there are an adequate number of signs, safely marking all exits. Is energy efficiency is important to you?   If it is, consider using LED exit signs.  LED exit signs are energy efficient and lower the electrical cost.

What is an LED exit sign?  LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes.  These lights are both efficient and bright.  LED exit signs are durable and provide consistent illumination.  LED lights increase safety because they provide sufficiently bright light as to even guide people through smoky hallways.

Some of the advantages of LED exit signs are:

•    Efficiency
•    Longevity
•    Safety
•    Value

Emergency Lighting offers both red and green LED exit signs.  We also offer Diecast LED Exit Signs.   For any questions, contact us! – we’re happy to help you!