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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Emergency Lighting Storm Readiness Plan

Ready Your Building for the Spring Storm Season

Emergency Lighting Storm Readiness Plan

As we emerge from this year’s deep freeze and move into spring storm season, there’s no better time to test all your safety fixtures.

Nobody wants to be caught off guard by a sudden blackout. Take the time this month to check back up generators, flood lights, and batteries to ensure you are ready for whatever the warmer months may throw at us.

In addition to testing all of your safety equipment, its essential for every building to have a clear safety plan for it’s occupants. Developing and enforcing these plans can be a difficult thing for most organizations to follow through on and maintain over time, but a little commitment can go a long way with the right approach. has a great bank of materials to help any organization get started with their own personalized safety plan. It’s best to make sure you have the right management leadership, commitment and financial support to effectively manage the project. To keep your plan on track, make sure you are currently in line with all current regulations and further improve your readiness from there.