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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Value On Emergency Lighting

The value organizations get from emergency lighting is hard to calculate. After all, it can save lives, and that’s hard to place a value on. As a thrifty consumer, you need to find a way to get lighting that’ll do its job at a reasonable price.  One of the systems on the market right now that offers great value is the R-1 Emergency Light. Here are four reasons why you should consider an R-1

Easy to use

Your time is valuable. That’s why you need an automatic system. The R-1 Emergency Light has an automatic charger, which will recharge your discharged battery within a day. Testing is made easy with the R-1 system. With a press of a button, you can quickly do diagnostic testing. Last of all, the system is light weight and easy to install.

Ni-Cad Battery

With an R-1 Emergency Light, you get the option for a NiCd battery. This battery’s worth the price. A nickel-cadmium battery will outlast other batteries and is easy to use. Typically your NiCd battery will live through 500 to 1000 charge cycles.


Depending on your location, your system may face some tough conditions. That’s why you’ll need something that’s durable and can handle moisture, especially if you’re in a damp location. The R-1 Emergency Light is not only rated for damp locations, but it has a tough thermoplastic housing that will withstand extreme conditions.


As with anything, the price is a big factor in determining value. The R-1 goes for a good price, and with the LED version of the R-1, the LEDR-1 emergency light, you can get affordability with even greater efficiency. LEDR-1 lights are LEDs. This means few bulb replacements over the lifespan of the lights (LEDs usually last up to 50,000 hours) and less energy consumption.

The R-1 Emergency Light isn’t the only option. There are numerous options out there when it comes to value. There’s no one-size fits-all solution, as your needs are likely unique. To find the best systems for you, give us a call at 763-542-3155. One of our helpful team members will guide you to a choice that makes sense for you.

Emergency Lighting Battery Life

The True Life Of Emergency Lighting Batteries

“The manufacturer said it would last 20 years,” you might yell when your emergency lighting battery only lasted 12. Did the manufacturer lie? Let’s just say their projection was made using a “best-case scenario.” Here are a few things you should consider when it comes to batteries used for emergency lighting.

Improper Usage or Care

Unfortunately consumers don’t always follow the recommendations included in the manual. Excessive heat, moisture, improper use, and bad charging habits all play a role in the early death of a battery. To avoid these mishaps, check out this article on increasing battery longevity.

Power Outages

You might have noticed it at home or at work. Power outages are more frequent. Due to increasing cases of hazardous weather, increasing power demand and a decaying infrastructure, backup power sources are suddenly thrust into action more frequently. Your emergency lighting battery might not even notice this strain if backup generators kick into gear, but not all facilities have the luxury of backup generators. For several locations, the backup batteries bear the burden of the added strain. Few manufactures account for this in their projections.

Manufacturing Variations

When it comes to batteries, even small variations affect longevity. The reason is batteries used for emergency lighting rely on delicate chemistry. When the chemistry is just a little off, the battery cells don’t pack the same amount of punch as was anticipated. To avoid this, it’s important to go with a trusted brand of battery, one that has a track record of consistent results.

Emergency Lighting offers batteries from proven brands, like these emergency lighting batteries from Lithonia. To learn more about the best battery for you, give us a call at 763-542-3155. Our sales team knows the industry. We’ve been in it for over 30 years. We’ll guide you to the purchase that makes sense for you.