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7 Things to Consider Before Installing Exit Signs

Exit Sign Installation Considerations

The steps to installing an exit sign vary from unit to unit. However, there are 7 universal things to consider before installing your next exit sign.


Avoid Heat

Most electronics don’t like high temperatures. This is true for exit signs. Components within exit signs and the wiring leading to the system will suffer damage if placed near a heater. It might be impossible to repair heat damage in some cases, and it could present safety concerns.


Elevate It

Exit signs will last longer if they are kept out of reach of people and machines. To prevent tampering or impact, additional precautions can be taken. You can install a steel cage around your exit sign to provide additional protection.  You could even purchase a vandal resistant exit sign, which is a unit that has built in protections from vandalism.


One important thing to remember when adding accessories to protect or enhance your exit sign is that not all accessories coincide with every exit sign. Be sure to consult your manual or instructions before accessorizing.


Keep Inside

Your exit sign probably isn’t rated for outdoor use. Keep inside unless the instruction manual or instructions indicate otherwise.


About Batteries

Your exit signs need to stay lit for 1.5 hours in the event of a power outage. The backup batteries installed on many exit signs help you to meet and exceed OSHA’s regulation. However, those batteries need to be treated with care. Before installing your unit, charge the battery first. It will keep you from needing to do maintenance on your exit sign in the near future.


If maintenance is required on the battery for your exit sign, be careful. Even though most batteries are sealed, the term is relative. Every battery can leak. If you come into contact with battery acid, flush with water right away and contact a medical health professional.


Necessary Tools

The tools to install your exit signs can vary, but there are a few common things you’ll need: Philips-head screwdriver, flat-head screwdriver and a ladder.


Follow Instructions

This is important. Installing an exit sign incorrectly can burn the circuit board, ruining the unit. Following the instructions or manual will save you headaches and time. If no manual or instructions are present, or you have misplaced them, there is likely a customer service number printed on the packaging you can call for assistance.


About Wiring

Mounting your exit sign before connecting to the wiring will not only keep you save, but it will save you time. If there isn’t a fixture wired for your exit sign, you may want to consider getting the help of an electrician, as wiring will need to be run to the exit sign.


Each exit sign is different. There may or may not be more steps to consider when installing. If the installation process seems like a heavy burden, you can always use self-illuminating exit signs. These signs do not require electricity, eliminating the need of the most difficult steps of installation.