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Commercial Emergency Lighting Resources

Commercial Emergency Lighting Resources

Whatever type of facility–apartment, dorm, school, hospital or office building–it needs to be prepared for emergencies.  Depending on the type of facility, your preparation will probably look a little different. Here are a few great resources to help you get your facility ready.


In just four years, $111 million dollars of property damage came from fires, according to a report by the NFPA. Although the numbers are falling, the type of facility faces dangers from a variety of avenues. Often used as a meeting area for fundraisers and celebrations involving meals, churches can face many of the same dangers as restaurants. They also face dangers from candles and old electrical wiring.

Make sure your church is prepared for a fire with these resources.

Fire Safety

Commercial Emergency Light Equipment


Because nursing homes, hospitals and other health care facilities are often full of immobile people, it’s especially important to be prepared. Each hospital should have a plan and training for fires. A great format to build your program around is RACE. This program describes in a short, memorable way what to do in case of a fire.

To craft a thorough safety plan, you’re going to need more information. You’ll need to know what chemicals need to be kept in safe, flame resistant locations. You’ll need action plans, prevention plans and more. The best source for all of this info? OSHA’s tools for health care facilities. They not only provide relevant regulations within these resources, but offer evacuation plans, procedures and much more.

Having a good plan for fire safety saves lives and prevents fires, but planning isn’t enough. You need sound, reliable equipment meeting your specifications. For tips on the necessary equipment for medical facilities, check out this resource we put together for you.


Just last year, there was over one billion dollars of fire damage in the U.S. according to the NFPA. With so many residents in one place, it’s hard for facilities managers to keep an eye on everything, but practicing a few key things will help. Fire emergency guides, fire safety planning and fire safety inspections are all something managers need to be aware of. The Seattle Fire Department put together a great resource detailing these types of aids and much more.

We also created a quick resource for emergency lighting in apartments. Discover one of the most important rules you must follow up with and get some direction on the necessary products.

Learn more about commercial emergency lighting products, and how we can help you get prepared.