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Dual-Lite LTURW Emergency Light Combo

The Power Of Bundling

Thanks to a steady diet of cell phone and T.V. ads, you’ve probably heard of bundling, but it isn’t just telecoms offering bundles. With emergency lighting, you save by combining purchases of products. The most common bundle is the combo emergency light—half exit sign and half emergency light.

Which Combo Light Is The Best?

That’s a bit of a loaded question. The ideal emergency light usually depends upon your facility. However, there are quite a few high value systems that can serve a range of facilities. One of those is the Dual-Lite LTURW combo.

Great Value for Indoor Use

The model offers great durability for indoor use. Its UV stable thermoplastic housing offers protection against dust and dampness. It also meets applicable standards set in UL 924, NFPA 70 and NFPA 101 guidelines. In the event of a power outage you can expect it to last at least 90 minutes, offering sufficient time for individuals to evacuate a building.

The Battery

Designed to be maintenance free, the lead-calcium battery also helps with longevity. By using lead-calcium instead of just lead, the battery becomes less prone to dry out. They also are better adapted to colder temperatures.


The combo light uses both halogens and LEDS. For the dual head emergency light, the Dual-Lite-LTURW uses two halogen lamps. While the exit sign relies on LEDs. The benefits of the lighting system offer economy. The halogens use little energy and the LEDs even less.  To reduce operational costs, customers can go with the LTURW-03L model, which uses 3W LEDs instead of the two halogen lamps.


The Dual-Lite LTURW series offers multiple options for customization. Choose between red and green lettering and black or white housing. Include self-diagnostic testing , damp location listed models, fire alarm panel interface and more.


The Dual-Lite LTURW pairs versatility with value. You can have the standard model for under $160 dollars. To learn more about the model, check out its specs.