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Fire Safety & Detection

At Emergency Lighting, we offer a variety of products beyond lighting.  Our goal is to have you covered in case of any kind of emergency.  Another important category of products we offer is fire safety & detection equipment.

For existing buildings, smoke detectors should be placed on every habitable level and within each bedroom.  New construction requires that emergency smoke detectors be hard wired into the building’s electrical system, have a dedicated battery backup,  and include an interconnect wire between them to sound all alarms in a network when one is triggered.

We are happy to see that regulations are shifting towards additional measures that will protect people in case of an emergency.  Please note that we offer carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide/smoke detector combos, and fire extinguishers.

It is important to check with your fire marshal or building inspector to ensure your facility is in full compliance.  Whatever your local codes require, you can get all the fire and safety detection equipment you might need from Emergency Lighting. To browse through our product, check out our fire and safety detection page. We have everything you need to keep your facility safe. Or, give us a call at 800-521-4045 and receive expert guidance from one of our knowledgeable reps.