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Food Preparation Remote Capable Thermoplastic Hazardous Location Emergency Lights

Emergency Lights

Not all emergency light fixtures are equal. Our manufacturers build each light to serve a variety of needs. There are Self Testing Emergency Lights, which can save you time on mandated testing. There are NEMA Certified Emergency Light fixtures, Explosion Proof fixtures, Concealed lights, Combo Exit Lights and even more. Within our inventory of emergency lights, selected from top manufacturers, you’ll find the perfect light for your facility. Don’t know what the perfect light for you is? You can browse our huge selection, or you can get some help from our team. Our people have been in this business for over thirty years, and they’re happy to talk about emergency light fixtures and much more. After all, emergency light is sort of our thing.

Hazardous Location

Hazardous Location

Remote Capable

Remote Head Capable products allow you to connect additional Remote Heads to your emergency lighting.


Thermoplastic is a material, a polymer, that becomes pliable or moldable above a specific temperature and solidifies upon cooling.

Food Preparation

Emergency Lights & Exit Signs that can be used in places where food is prepared. This includes wet locations and cold locations