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Make the switch to superior LED Lighting


On average, Americans spend nearly 90% of their time indoors. That’s the majority of each and every day that’s illuminated by man-made light. It’s not a stretch then to say that our very quality of life can be highly dependent on the proper quantity and quality of light an individual receives. Let Pruf LED show you how superior lighting can save you money and energy while allowing you to enjoy safer, healthier illumination. On average, LED lamps use a minimum of 50% less electricity, are more durable and can last up to ten times longer than standard lighting products. In addition, LEDs have an unparalleled even spectrum of light, resulting in consistent, warm illumination. Fully recyclable with no dangerous UV rays, LED lamps are the choice for those seeking to conserve our natural resources.


What are the benefits of LED lighting?



Pruf LED lighting delivers maximum energy efficiency, using less heat than conventional lighting, therefore having less effect on the ambient temperature of an interior environment. LED lighting consumes on average 50% less energy than traditional lighting. This significant decrease in energy consumption allows for substantial cost savings with each Pruf application.


People enjoy the naturally vibrant light created by LED lamps and fixtures. LED Lights produce full lumen output instantly when turned on. There is no warm-up period or delay to reach full lumen output. Additionally, LEDs are more vivid and true as a result of a higher Color Rendering Index (CRI) – the ability of a light source to reproduce colors in comparison with an ideal or natural light source.


When switching to LEDs, you want to be assured you’re going with a quality, durable, long-lasting product. On average, Pruf LED lighting degrades only 15% over the span of its useful life. LED lighting is also able to withstand magnetic environments, and includes none of the moving, easily breakable parts found with other lighting options. In addition, Pruf LED lamps can operate in extreme temperature environments ranging from -30°F to 175°F.


With long-lasting Pruf LEDs, you won’t need to dispose of a lamp often. But when you do have to throw away a lamp, you can do so worry-free. Our LED lighting contains no mercury or other environmentally hazardous chemical and there is zero cost of disposal as Pruf lamps are recyclable. You can also be assured that LED lights are not adding harmful chemicals to our environment.


Pruf LED lighting provides a substantial energy cost savings with an average consumption that is 50% less than traditional lighting. LED lights often last up to 10 times longer than traditional lighting options, leading to decreased direct and indirect cost for maintenance. Over the lifespan of the product, just one Pruf lamp can save customers hundreds of dollars.

Parts & Accessories

We have a wide range of emegency lighting and exit sign accessories to make sure you have the right amount of light when you need it and to protect your emergency lighting in those areas of high traffic or high impact. If you do not see something you are looking for specifically or if you have a general question/s please call 1-800-521-4045 or e-mail We look forward to working with you!

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