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Pace Electronics

Pace Electronics has been out of business since 2011
  • Emergency Light Series
  • Thermoplastic Adjustable L-LED
  • New York Series
  • Chicago Series
  • Thermoplastic Adjustable with MR16 Lamp
  • Remote Lamp Heads (Plastic)
  • Remote Lamp Heads (Metal)
  • 50/100 High Wattage
  • Fixed Optics Units
  • Wet Location
  • Micro Thermoplastic Adjustable
  • Thermoplastic Adjustable


Emergency Lighting Inverters 
Emergency Lighting Inverters Description With the advent of new NFPA and life safety codes, the use of Emergency Lighting Inverters has now become common place. In order to supply the demand, Controlled Power Company has developed an entire line of no-break, power conditioning, NFPA and life safety code compliant, emergency lighting inverters. All of Controlled Power Company's emergency lighting inverters are listed to UL924/UL924a standards and are also NFPA 101 compliant.

An Emergency Lighting Inverter is often referred to as a "UPS (Uninterruptible Power System) for emergency lighting". This description is accurate for each of our emergency lighting inverter products, in that they are a true uninterruptible, no-break power supply.

When selecting an emergency lighting inverter (UPS for emergency lighting), it is mandatory that the system is UL924 listed. UL924 ensures that the battery backup system has passed several critical discharge and recharge tests which are required for life safety. UL924 Listed Emergency Lighting Inverters.