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Results: 12

BB Battery

As one of the best quality battery manufacturers in the world, B.B. Battery was established in 1992 in China by its Taiwanese parent company. Under sophisticated management of Taiwanese team, with its dedication on Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery, offering the most reliable and valuable batteries into diversified markets

Through 20 years continuous effort, we have learnt to conduct not only precisely quality control but also effectively infuse technological innovation into practical applications. Base on traditional lead-acid batteries, a variety of VRLA series were created for fitting extended cycle life as well as long duration at lower rate discharging. Apart from profound knowledge on AGM battery, in recent years B.B. has developed its own GEL, Spiral and Traction batteries for Wind Power, Solar, Telecom, EV/HEV, Motive, etc. applications.

Its sophisticated facilities and technical teams pave the strong foundation for providing responsive technical service to its customers. Moreover, the solid R&D muscles enable its capability in developing dedicated battery tackling specific application as well.

As a responsible global corporate citizen, B.B. Battery has continuously contributed to the disadvantaged people in Taiwan, China and Worldwide.

Our commitment is to maintain steady qualified battery and develop wider range of lead-acid based battery, providing the best value of money for B.B.’s customers. Challenges that we are confronting with just strongly reflects the spirit of innovation and motivation in B.B.

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There are many variations of rechargeable batteries available depending on the specific needs of your application. See the descriptions below to find the right battery to meet your needs.