Emergency Lighting for Churches

Find all lights, exit signs, and emergency lighting you need for your church or place of worship.

We will help you meet the safety code of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and ensure the safety of visitors gathered in your place of worship.

Proper emergency lighting is essential for gathering spaces in case the power fails and quick building evacuation is needed. With burning candles, older buildings, and hundreds of people gathered at one time, fire prevention and safety are critical in churches, temples, and places of worship.

Our emergency lighting equipment must be used on the following:

  • Existing places of assembly where at least 50 or more persons gather for deliberations, worship, entertainment, eating, etc.
  • The building is two or more stories in height above the level of exit discharge, i.e. grade level public way
  • The occupancy is subject to 300 or more total occupants

For the safety of people and property, please consider these fire and emergency tips:

A Fire Risk Assessment, usually offered in conjunction with your insurance company, will help identify risks to people and property, and help you make plans for evacuation and reducing damage. Use this checklist to reduce your risk of fire in your church or place of worship.
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exit sign in church
exit sign in church
exit sign in church