IIS 35 I 35W Micro-Inverter

Brand: IOTA





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Weight: 9.5 lbs
SKU: 17:IIS-35-I
Product Name: IIS 35 I 35W Micro-Inverter 35W Mircro-inverter
UPC: 00040232560514


Built to provide backup lighting in the event of a power failure, this IOTA IIS-35-I micro-inverter can automatically run an emergency fixture with either normally on, normally off, switched, or dimmed settings. This is a UL Listed pure sine wave output inverter that provides clean, constant regulated power allowing the inverter to work without the damage other wave types may cause your equipment over time.

  • Contains a nickel-cadmium battery, both replaceable and rechargeable with an up to 10 year life expectancy
  • Comes with low battery voltage disconnect, short circuit, and brownout protection
  • Manually select system output voltage of either 120 or 277 Volts
  • Operates a total connected load of 35 Watts for 90 minutes
  • Pairs with fluorescent, incandescent, and LED fixtures

This item can replace: IIS35I