F1002H126BCOC Emergency Light

Brand: LightGuard


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F 1002H126B-COC


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LEC-361 or LC-310 Powered Industrial

Duty Emergency

6 Volt, 87 or 85 Watt Capacity

Heavy Industrial, Sealed Lead Calcium



Steel 20 gauge housing and 18 gauge hinged cover with 

hammertone gray epoxy powder coat finish

Heavy duty top mounted handle for easy transport up ladders

• LightGuard’s mounting plate (MBF option) is recommended 

for mounting


120/277 VAC dual voltage input capability

• LightGuard’s high performance, temperature compensated, 

solid-state charger restores battery to full charge within 12 


Brownout protection activates lights when AC voltage drops 

20% below nominal

• Labor saving AC lockout feature

• Low voltage disconnect prevents deep battery discharge

Controls include integral Ready/Standby switch; "Press-toTest” switch; Voltmeter; AC "On” and Fast Charge Rate 

indicator lights

Electrical Specifications

120 VAC - 0.38 amps, 45 watts

277 VAC - 0.16 amps, 45 watts

Code Compliance

UL 924 listed

NFPA 101, NEC, BOCA, OSHA, and IBC illumination standards

• F100 with two H126B lamp heads meets NRC requirements

for an eight-hour run time


Electronics: 3 years

LEC-361: 5 years full, 10 years pro-rata

LC-310: 3 years full, 7 years pro-rata


• Industrial locations where a high capacity unit is required 

and where remote fixture capability is desired

Remote test option enables unit operation testing up to 20 

feet away with an ordinary flashlight or laser pointer


LEC-361 (used with F100)

• Extra long-life, heavy industrial grade, sealed lead calcium 


6 volt, 36 ampere hour (AH) minimum capacity

Cell design protects against deep discharge and requires no 

addition of water

• Low specific gravity 1.25 (±.10) reduces corrosion rates 

and lowers electrode sulphation

• Expected life up to 20 years

Optimum operating range of 65°F (19°C) to 90°F (32°C)

LC-310 (used with F85)

• Extra long-life, industrial grade, sealed lead calcium battery

6 volt, 36 ampere hour (AH) capacity

• Immobilized electrolyte design

Operates at low internal pressure

• Low self-discharge rate

• Expected life up to 10 years

Optimum operating range of 65°F (19°C) to 90°F (32°C)**

Increases or decreases in temperature will affect battery performance and/or 

capacity. Optimum battery performance realized at 77°F (25°C).

Self-Diagnostics (optional)

OmniTest Self-Diagnostics option includes automatic and 

manual tests to ensure unit is operating properly, and assists

user in meeting code requirements.

Verifies battery voltage and lamp continuity every 10 seconds.

• Illuminates lamps and discharges battery for 3 minutes every 

30 days. A manual test is available from 1 to 90 minutes


Shown: F1002H126BOTAL

Type No.

Job Name

Catalog No.

Suggested AC Input DC Watts to 871


Model Lamp Head Voltage Wattage+ Voltage of Rated Voltage++



/2 hrs. 2 hrs. 4 hrs. 8 hrs.

F100 H126B 120/277 45 6 87 65 42 24

F85 H126B 120/277 45 6 85 65 28 14

+ Based on high rate charge after power loss

++ Per NEC Specifications

LightGuard is a Philips group brandF100/F85

Furnish and install LightGuard emergency lighting model ______. The unit shall be listed to Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Standard 924 and shall meet the standards of the

National Electrical Code (NEC).

INSTALLATION /OPERATION - Unit shall be easily field connected to a 120 or 277 volt, 60 hertz, unswitched power source. Installation must comply with the NEC Code as well

as other applicable codes. Upon utility power failure or brownout, the unit shall automatically transfer to battery power and maintain the required illumination for a minimum

period of 90 minutes. Upon restoration of utility power, the charger shall restore the battery to full charge within 12 hours following a rated discharge of not more than 90


CHARGER - The charger shall be solid-state, SCR controlled, full wave and current limited, and shall utilize a pulse current charge to extend battery life. It shall include

temperature compensation for temperature variations from 77°F. Components shall operate at less than 50% of their rating to ensure reliability and long life. The charger

shall maintain the battery at full capacity without the need for periodic exercising or equalizing. The following features shall be standard: Low Voltage Disconnect; Brownout

Protection; AC Lockout.

BATTERY (LEC-361) - The battery shall be Lightguard’s LEC-361 (F100 model) battery, and shall be capable of a 32.4 watt discharge at 10 hours, with a minimum AH rating of

36 AH. The LEC-361 battery shall be a completely sealed, extra long-life, lead calcium type with plates constructed of calcium tin alloy lead grids. The LEC-361 battery shall

never need addition of water or electrolyte, and shall operate completely unattended for up to 20 years. The battery shall consist of three cells for a total of six volts with a

specific gravity of 1.25 (±.10) at 77°F at the eight-hour rate to a final voltage of 1.75 per cell. The battery casing shall be constructed of polycarbonate with a permanently

sealed cover and self-sealing vents to permit the escape of undue pressure build-up. The plates shall be constructed of calcium tin alloy grids and separated by microporous

rubber, which enables the electrolyte to circulate freely during charging and discharging. The battery shall be warranted for 15 years (5 full, 10 prorated) with a written, full

disclosure warranty.

HOUSING - The cabinet shall be constructed of 20 gauge steel and the door shall be constructed of 18 gauge steel with hammertone gray epoxy powder coat finish. The door

shall include a hinged access and two view ports for quick battery inspection.

SELF-DIAGNOSTICS (optional) - The unit shall include OmniTest self-diagnostics. OmniTest shall conduct the following automatic tests: battery voltage and lamp continuity every

10 seconds, a 3 minute battery discharge and lamp illumination test every 30 days, and a 30 minute battery discharge and lamp illumination test every 6 months. OmniTest

shall also conduct the following manual tests: three minute, 30 minute and 90 minute battery discharge and lamp illumination tests and optional audible alarm test.

CONTROLS - The unit shall include a "Press-to-Test” switch, AC "On” and Fast Charge Rate indicator lights.


5/09 IH



F100 = 6 Volt, 87 Watt Unit 3 = Three See lamp head EX = Special Input Transformer

F85 = 6 Volt, 85 Watt Unit 2 = Two selection chart (Specify voltage & frequency)

1 = One below -- for OT = OmniTest Self-Diagnostics

blank = No additional heads OTAL = OmniTest with Alarm

lamp heads OTTD = OmniTest with Time Delay 2

RT = Remote Test 2

TD1 = 120 VAC Time Delay 2

TD2 = 277 VAC Time Delay 2


(Ordered Separately)

MBF = Mounting Plate for Side Stud

WG9 = Wire Guard

URT612 = Universal Remote Test 

(URT) 2

PVS = Polycarbonate Vandal Shield

LightGuard’s H-Head is the suggested head for the F100 and F85. The H-Head is

constructed of high impact polycarbonate, and is offered in black to complement the

unit’s gray housing. The H-Head features dual-axis swivel mount and is available with

6 volt halogen lamps. Two H126B lamp heads mounted on the F100 meets NRC

requirements for an eight-hour run time.

LightGuard offers many other lamp heads that can be used with the F100 and F85.

For lamp head details, please refer to the Accessories section of the LightGuard

specification binder.

F100 2 H126B OT


of Heads

Lamp Head




H 3.5” (8.9 cm)

X or Z 6.25” (15.9 cm)

PRL(H) 6.25” (15.9 cm)


F100 42 lbs. (19.1 kg)

F85 30 lbs. (13.6 kg)


H-Head, Thermoplastic

6 VOLT 7 watt H76B

HALOGEN 12 watt H126B

Lamp Head Selection (H)