PXL12090F2V0 GS Battery

Product Specifications

Nominal Voltage 12 V
Rated Capacity - 20hr 8 Ah
Length 5.94"
Width 2.56"
Height 3.7"
Ht. Over Terminal 3.98"
Weight 6.17lbs
Terminal F2

PXL12090F2V0 GS Battery

Brand: GS Portalac

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Portalac Sealed Rechargeable Battery

VRLA stands for valve-regulated lead-acid and is the designation for low-maintenance lead-acid rechargeable batteries. Portalac batteries are often colloquially called sealed lead-acid batteries, but they always include a safety pressure relief valve. A VRLA cannot spill its electrolyte (battery acid) if it is inverted.

VRLA Portalac batteries can be substituted in virtually any flooded lead-acid battery application (in conjunction with well-regulated charging), as well as applications where traditional flooded batteries cannot be used.

When an emergency happens, you need to be depending upon a highly reliable battery in your emergency lights from Portalac.

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Weight: 6.17 lbs
SKU: 1231:PXL12090F2VO
Product Name: PXL12090F2V0 GS Battery