BT-800 BT800

Brand: Uniden



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Weight: 1 lb
SKU: 1257:BT-800
Product Name: BT-800 BT800 BT-800 BT800


Nickel cadmium cordless phone battery   

Compatible with the followings: BT-905 B300 B300A B900 B1000 BA300 BA300A EHD-1200 EP-200 EX-300 EX-500 EX-900 EX-905 EX-925 EX-945 EX-965 EX-1000 EX-2100 EX-3100 EX-3101 EX-3102 EX-3800 EX-3810 EX-4000 EX-4100 EX-4101 EX-4102 EX-4112 EX-4500 EX-4800 EX-5000 EX-6000 EX-7000 EX-7500 EX-7700 EX-8050 EXA-915 EXA-918 EXA-950 EXA-2950 EXA-2955 EXA-3955 EXA-7950 EXA-7980I EXA 8955 EXAI-91B EXAI-98D EXAI-790 EXAI-918 EXAI-9181 EXAI-2980 EXAI-7980I EXAI-79801 EXAI-9780 EXI-916 EXI-917 EXI-960 EXI-975 EXI2965, EXI-7926 EXI-7960 EXI-8965 EXAI-8985 EXL-8900 EXL-8901 EXL-8945 EXLI-8962 EXLA-8950 EXP-91 EXP-91S EXP-92 EXP-905 EXP-950A EXP-7900 EXP-7901 EXP-7902 EXP-7904 EXS-2080 EXS-9005, , TRU 341,TRU 346, TRU 348,TRU 546, TRU 348, TRU 3465, TRU 3485