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Architectural Recessed Mechanical Ceiling  Emergency Lighting
The Illusion2 provides all of the popular features of the original Illusion, but with a special design for drop-in installation into 2'x2' suspended ceiling systems. The aluminum face plate allows direct ceiling tile replacement for a quick and neat appearance.

Illumination is provided by two high-performance 35 watt MR16 lamps combined with a patented reflector system. Optical assemblies can be rotated from 0° to 90° for corner installations. The Illusion2 can provide an average of 1 footcandle over a 6'x90' path of egress with a mounting height of 10' AFF.

A 120/277 dual voltage input with surge protection and Smart Charger for self-diagnostics allows Illusion2 to serve as an emergency lighting unit with the most reliable charging system available on the market. Standard Smart Charger self-diagnostics continuously monitors all critical functions of Illusion and the self-testing option satisfies the monthly periodic testing requirements in NFPA 101 and the IBC. A maintenance-free, sealed lead calcium battery supplies 90 minutes of emergency power.

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