Brand: Dual-Lite | Hubbell Lighting Inc | Presco-Lite


Weight: 20 lbs
SKU: 01:10:LM56DI


Additional Product Information

Hubbell Lighting
(1) Not availiable with LM2 model.
(2) Not availiable with LM15N, LM16 or LM24CH models.
(3) NOTE: Spectron models with over 80 watts  of capacity require a minimum load of 35
      watts for accurate lamp failure indication.
(4) Not aviliable with LM15N, LM24CH, LM30N, LM36CH, LM50N, LM100N, LM112D, and  
      LM130 models.
(5) Spectron not availiable wuth Nickel-Cadmium battery models.
(6) Not avialiable with LM28D or LM36CH models
For more information,please open this PDF File.

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