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UNISON 1 SERIES - Nickel Cadmium

Brand: LightGuard


This product is unavailable or discontinued. Please consider searching products in these related categories:


*** LIGHTGUARD PRODUCTS ARE DISCONTINUED *** See replacement below, or use the navigation links above to find another product, or browse the Philips Chloride line of Exit Signs and Emergency Lights to find a similar product.
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1) Selected lamp wattage cannot exceed unit output rating.

Standard lamp configuration utilizes T-5 wedge base 5.4 watt 6 volt lamp.

2) Some option combinations may impact UL listing.

Consult factory for specifics.

3) Not available with OT option.

4) “LL” and “LP” options are only available with 18 or 25 watt models.

5) Available on 25 watt lead calcium and all nickel cadmium battery