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Weight: 4 lbs
SKU: 01:17:ISD420EMA
Product Name: ISD-420-EM-A ISD-420-EM-A


The ISD420 from IOTA is a UL Listed self-diagnostic fluorescent emergency ballast that allows the same fixture to be used for both normal and emergency operation. In the event of a power failure, the ISD420 switches to the emergency mode and operates one of the existing lamps for 90 minutes. The ISD420 will self-test for thirty seconds monthly and for ninety minutes annually and will diagnose potential problems within the light fixture. If problems are encountered, the unit will specify failure of the battery, charge, lamp, or inverter by means of a flashing red indicator. The dual color LED indicator is lit red when charging and lit green when ready. The unit contains a battery, charger, and inverter circuit in a single can. The ISD420 can be used with 13W to 57W 4-pin compact fluorescent lamps, providing an initial output of up to 1100 lumens for one or two lamps, and features lamp selector leads for optimizing the light output for designated lamp types. The ISD420 utilizes AC output to ensure compatibility with new lamp technologies. The ISD420 is suitable for use in damp locations.
Product Advantages
  • Automatically conducts required monthly and annual testing
  • Internal self-diagnostic circuitry tests lamp frequency, battery charge and discharge current
  • AC output for compatibility with Low-Mercury Content Amalgam lamps
  • Time Delay feature for compatibility with End-of-Lamp-Life circuitry
  • Open Circuit Isolation protects unit when load is absent
  • Universal Voltage 110-277V, 50/60Hz
  • Will cold start and operate all specified lamps
  • Long life high temperature recyclable Ni-Cad battery
  • Galvanized steel case
  • Available in dual-flex or integral no-flex configuration
  • Includes one-piece test switch and dual color charge indicator (LPTS)
  • For use with switched or unswitched fixtures
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Lamp selector leads optimize light output for desired lamp type
  • Rated for use in damp and plenum locations
  • Meets or exceeds all NEC, IBC, and Life Safety
  • Code Emergency Lighting Requirements
  • RoHS Compliant