GEN3 Bodine Ballast

Brand: Philips Bodine


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The GEN3 fluorescent backup ballast works in conjunction with an INSTANT START, PARALLEL AC ballast that is supplemented with an auxiliary emergency generator to operate two or three lamps at high illumination between the time AC power is lost and the auxiliary emergency generator provides power. This time is typically less than 10 seconds; however, should the generator fail to power emergency lighting, the GEN3 provides additional redundancy by ensuring uninterruptible illumination for at least two minutes. The backup ballast consists of a high-temperature nickel-cadmium battery, charger and electronic circuitry in one compact red case.

When AC power fails, the GEN3 immediately switches to the backup mode, operating two or three lamps at a high lumen output for a minimum of two minutes. If selected, the audible alarm sounds for the duration of backup operation, signifying the backup ballast is powering lighting. When AC power is restored via the AC main or the auxiliary generator, the GEN3 automatically returns to the charging mode. The audible alarm discontinues sounding.


Initial Light Output 4700 - 7900 Lumens
Illumination Time 4 Minutes
Dual Input Voltage 120/277 VAC, 60 Hz
AC Input Current 210 mA
AC Input Power Rating 5 W


Interim lighting for generator backup systems; 2- or 3-lamp operation.