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Product Specifications

Nominal Voltage 6 V
Rated Capacity - 20hr 8 Ah
Length 5.5"
Width 2.12"
Height 4"
Weight 3.04lbs
Terminal F2

0120707 Battery Pack

Brand: Dual-Lite | Hubbell



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Weight: 3.04 lbs
SKU: 1210:707
Product Name: 0120707 Battery Pack 0120707 Dual-Lite Battery | Pure Lead


12-707 DUAL-LITE Pure Lead Battery Pack
Battery PL 6V
This 6VDC Dual-Lite approved sealed pure lead (PL) battery, part number 0120707, is made with the highest quality components and provides 8Ah of emergency backup capacity. It supplies 4.2A @ 6V for 90 minutes to an end voltage of 5.25V, as specified by UL’s Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment standard. This battery has been tested and approved to UL 924 for use with Dual-Lite’s DL, ML, LWW, MLW, N4X, SW, TB, WW, and IPS, Class 1, and Div 2 emergency lighting products and meets pressure release test requirements specified in UL 1989. 

This item can replace: C1D2-12V36, C1D2-12V72, C1D2-6V36, C1D2-6V72, DL-7, DL-7-12V, LWW Series, ML-2EW-1CH, ML-7E, ML-7E-12V, ML-7E-12V-NY, ML-7E-NY, ML-7EW-12VCH, MLW-2EW-CH, MLW-7E, MLW-7E-12V, MLW-7E-12V-I, MLW-7E-12V-NY, MLW-7E-I, MLW-7E-I-NY, MLW-7E-NY, N4X14I120SAT, N4X14I480SAT, SW Series, TB-36-CH-12, TB-52, TB-52-12, TB-52I, TB-52I-12, WW Series