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T-Grid Series Rececessed

T-Grid Series Rececessed

Brand: Dual-Lite | Hubbell

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T-Grid Series Rececessed

Decorative Emergency Lighting unit designed for fast, easy, recessed installation in suspended ceilings. Additional capacity for powering remote fixtures.

The T-Grid unit is constructed of a 20-gauge, all metal junction box housing and a trim plate with injection-molded, thermoplastic lamp housing all in a white finish.

The T-Grid Series is designed for recessed mounting in suspended grid ceilings. The trim plate dimensions allow placement of the unit between the suspended ceiling’s grid support structure. The unit must be fastened to the building’s structure in accordance with local codes; holes in the unit’s mounting ears facilitate this requirement. Ceiling tile may require trimming for finished installation. AC, DC-battery and remote fixture connections are made inside the unit housing. Lampheads attach directly to unit trim plate. AC input leads are provided for wiring. All AC connections made inside unit housing.

Lamp housings are fully adjustable. Lighting is provided by a 6 volt/12 volt, 7.2 watt sealed-beam incandescent lamps of a glare-free design. Lamps have a rated life of 100 hours.

UL 924 Listed
NFPA 101 Life Safety Code

Fixture: 3 Years Full, 5 Years Full with Spectron

Lead-Acid: 2 Years Full, 3 Years Pro-Rata
Ni-Cad: 2 years full, 8 Years Pro-Rata

Need quantities of 15 or more? Call us at (800) 521-4045 for possible reduced pricing.


Option Limits:
  1. For use with 50W models only
  2. Not available with Ni-Cad battery models
  3. Not available on TG15 and TG15N models


Weight: 10 lbs
SKU: 01:10:TG