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TS Series Emergency Light

Brand: Emergi-Lite


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Weight: 20 lbs
SKU: 01:45:TS
Product Name: TS Series Emergency Light TS Series 6, 12 & 24 Volt T-Bar Units


TS Series

  • Steel housing
  • Standard off-white finish, optional black finish
  • Lighting heads, available in thermoplastic or decorative die-cast aluminum
  • Choice of MR16 LED lamp wattages
  • Fully recessed ceiling
  • Hanger bars included for lay-in installation in t-bar grid
  • Pulse plus charger
  • Low voltage disconnect
  • Automatic brownout protection
  • Battery lock-out
  • Fused output circuit
  • Optional Advanced Diagnostics
  • Optional Nexus® monitoring system
  • 120/277 60Hz
Choice of sealed maintenance-free battery
  • 6V, 12 or 24V lead-calcium battery
  • 6V, 12 or 24V nickel-cadmium battery
  • UL 924 listed
  • NYC approved
SKUs in this series include: 
TSM18-010, TSM27-010, TSM36-010, TSM54-010, TSM81-010, TSM110-010, 12TSM36-010, 12TSM54-010, 12TSM110-010, 24TSM110-010, TSC18-010, TSC25-010, 12TSC36-010, 12TSC50-010, 24TSC100-010,
TSM18-0150, TSM27-0150, TSM36-0150, TSM54-0150, TSM81-0150, TSM110-0150, 12TSM36-0150, 12TSM54-0150, 12TSM110-0150, 24TSM110-0150, TSC18-0150, TSC25-0150, 12TSC36-0150, 12TSC50-0150, 24TSC100-0150, TSM18-110, TSM27-110, TSM36-110, TSM54-110, TSM81-110, TSM110-110, 12TSM36-110, 12TSM54-110, 12TSM110-110, 24TSM110-110, TSC18-110, TSC25-110, 12TSC36-110, 12TSC50-110, 24TSC100-110,
TSM18-1150, TSM27-1150, TSM36-1150, TSM54-1150, TSM81-1150, TSM110-1150, 12TSM36-1150, 12TSM54-1150, 12TSM110-1150, 24TSM110-1150, TSC18-1150, TSC25-1150, 12TSC36-1150, 12TSC50-1150, 24TSC100-1150, TSM18-210, TSM27-210, TSM36-210, TSM54-210, TSM81-210, TSM110-210, 12TSM36-210, 12TSM54-210, 12TSM110-210, 24TSM110-210, TSC18-210, TSC25-210, 12TSC36-210, 12TSC50-210, 24TSC100-210,
TSM18-2150, TSM27-2150, TSM36-2150, TSM54-2150, TSM81-2150, TSM110-2150, 12TSM36-2150, 12TSM54-2150, 12TSM110-2150, 24TSM110-2150, TSC18-2150, TSC25-2150, 12TSC36-2150, 12TSC50-2150, 24TSC100-2150, TSM18-310, TSM27-310, TSM36-310, TSM54-310, TSM81-310, TSM110-310, 12TSM36-310, 12TSM54-310, 12TSM110-310, 24TSM110-310, TSC18-310, TSC25-310, 12TSC36-310, 12TSC50-310, 24TSC100-310,
TSM18-3150, TSM27-3150, TSM36-3150, TSM54-3150, TSM81-3150, TSM110-3150, 12TSM36-3150, 12TSM54-3150, 12TSM110-3150, 24TSM110-3150, TSC18-3150, TSC25-3150, 12TSC36-3150, 12TSC50-3150, 24TSC100-3150

This item can replace: TSM18-2, TSM27-2, TSM36-2, TSM54-2, TSM81-2, TSM110-2, 12TSM36-2, 12TSM54-2, 12TSM110-2, 24TSM110-2, TSC18-2, TSC25-2, 12TSC36-2, 12TSC50-2, 24TSC100-2